Sounds of birds wake you up at Malakai Eco Lodge

Malakai Eco Lodge provides overnight accommodation in Kampala and nothing beats their Eco-friendly environment blessed with lush green gardens, birds and monkeys to give our guests a true feel of being on a safari in Uganda. One of the most amazing features about this Kampala lodge is the beautiful weaver birds that have made this lodge their home. Uganda is home to 52 weaver species out of the 116 species in the whole world.

Weavers also known as Finches are seed-eating birds that belong to the passerine bird species, they have distinguishing yellow and black color and some with red patches on the neck or breast with rounded corn-shaped bills and red and black/ white and black eyes. These birds are among the best if not the best nest weaving birds in the whole world popularly known for building well structured spherical nests using materials like , dry grass, branch twigs and leaf fibers.

During your stay at Malakai lodge, you will enjoy waking up to the sounds of the weavers and monkeys in the garden. The family cottage offers the best view of these beautiful birds as they swirl around their nests, feed young ones and if lucky you might get chance to see building a new nest. Weavers are not the only residents here, there are also other beautiful birds like Sparrows, Crows, ravens, shrikes among others to add to your birding experience.

Don’t take my word for it…come and experience it yourself only at Malakai Eco Lodge- Kampala’s number one safari lodge in Uganda. To reserve a room simply to or call on 0701367970.

Relax in Nature at Kampala’s finest Eco lodge.